After your Registration has been Verified, Login and Click on Recycle to select a Package

We have a range of packages for you to choose from.

Get Matched to Pay an Existing Member

After selecting a suitable package, the system will automatically match you to an existing member you are to make payment to.

Make Payment

Get the account details of the member you are to pay to from your dashboard and pay the stated amount.

Upload Payment Proof

While making payment via transfer, mobile or internet banking, ensure that you take screenshots to be uploaded as evidence of payment. If payment is done via bank deposit, kindly scan the teller and upload as evidence of payment.

Get Payment Activation

When you have uploaded the proof of payment, get in touch with the existing member you made payment to, to activate your package. In the extremely rare case of the member not activating your package, kindly write a support ticket to the admin and we will investigate the payment. If the payment evidence is confirmed to be true, we will activate your package and permanently block the account of the existing member. If the payment evidence is found to be false, your account will be permanently blocked as there is no room for fraudsters on NairaPal.

The System Assigns Two Downlines to Pay You

Upon activation of your package, the system will assign two members to pay you. For instance, if you subscribe to the N10,000 package, the system will assign two people to pay you N10,000 each within few days!!!

Receive Payments from Downlines

Each downline is given 24 hours to make payment. In the event that a downline fails to make payment within the stipulated time, the downline's account will be blocked. However, a downline can request for a time extension of 12 hours from you and you can extend the time frame by 12 hours.

When a downline makes payment and uploads evidence of payment, DO NOT confirm payment without checking your bank account balance from your financial institution. If you do so, there is nothing the admin can do about it as payment confirmation is an irreversible process on the system

Activate Downlines

When you are fully convinced that a downline has made payment, you can proceed to activate.